FAQ’s and Resources

Job Seeker FAQ's and Resources

Do job seekers need a security clearance to attend the hiring fair?

No. Having an active Federal Security Clearance is preferred but not mandatory. The hiring fairs are geared for experienced professionals (Military, Civilians and Contractors) with active Federal Security Clearances. Appropriate backgrounds include the following but not limited to: administrators-network/systems, developers, linguists/translators, aerospace/aviation professionals, engineers-electrical/network/software, logisticians, analysts, finance professionals, program managers, communications/signal professionals, space professionals, homeland security professionals, project managers, consultants, information assurance professionals, technicians, contracting/acquisition professionals, information technology specialists, trainers/instructors, cyber security professionals and all intelligence professionals (HUMINT, ELINT, SIGINT, MASINT).

Am I able to get access onto the military or government location where the hiring fair takes place?

Some event sites are accessible to the public with proper ID and credentials and other events are only open to those job seekers that already have access onto the military installation, building, or agency where the career fair is taking place. If you are unsure or have questions about access, please contact the visitor control, pass & id, or security office for the specific site. Transition Careers is not responsible for job seeker access onto the government site and pre-registering does not necessarily give you access onto the government site.

How do I pre-register as a job seeker and submit my resume?


Even If You Can’t Attend The Hiring Fair, Register Before The Event So We Can Share Your Resume With The Employers.

Register online, upload your resume and select which events(s) you would like to share your resume with employers. After you finish your event registration, you  receive multiple emails from Transition Careers about FREE Job Search Resources.

What organizations are registered to exhibit in the hiring fairs?

Each hiring fair has its own webpage with details about the event. This is where you will find the list of registered exhibitors. This information is typically posted 1-2 days before the event.

What is the process for job seekers to check-in at a hiring fair?

Job seekers should:
1) Pre-register before attending. Click here to register and upload your resume.
2) Create an account on our national job board. Click here to create account on our national job board.
3) Check-in at the registration table to let us know you pre-registered, uploaded your resume and created an account on our national job board.

After you finish your check-in, you will receive an exhibitor directory that includes the exhibitors’ name, a short description of the exhibitors and a listing of some of their open positions.

What job opportunities are available?

Each hiring fair has its own webpage with details about the event. This is where you will find the list of jobs being offered. This information is typically posted 1-2 days before an event. Additionally, you can view and browse thousands of job listings on our job board. You can also create a Job Alert system that notifies you by e-mail of new job opportunities that match your search criteria. Click here to create job alerts.

Can I create an anonymous account on the job board?

The job board gives you the opportunity to post your resume anonymously. All of your information is displayed in your resume except for your name and contact information. You can divulge as much information in your resume posting as your see fit. This service has the ability to keep active and passive job seekers connected to the employment market while maintaining full control over their confidential information.

Why should I attend a hiring fair and what should I expect?

Attending a hiring fair is a great way to bolster your job-seeking, networking and professional development efforts.  You will be putting yourself directly in front of organizations that need your skills, giving yourself a leg up on the competition.  Below are additional reasons why you should attend.

  • Meet top defense contractors, federal and military friendly employers.
  • Ask questions to multiple employers in one event.
  • Employers will be focused on their hot job opportunities in the local area and nationwide positions!
  • Targeted jobs in Defense, IT, Cyber, Space, Engineering, Intelligence and More.
  • Events are designed to be focused and intimate hiring fairs so job seekers can have informative face-to-face discussions with each employer.