Typically, the cost is under $1000.00. You can pay by check or credit card. After you complete your online exhibitor registration, you can view/print your invoice or receipt depending on how you opted to pay. Payment is due before an event. Click here for more information and to sign-up for exhibit space.

The individual who registered your organization will get an email with an attached exhibitor information packet from Transition Careers and we post the packet on the event’s webpage approximately 2 weeks before the date of function.

No. You do not need a security clearance. The career fairs are unclassified events. If your organization is registered to exhibit, Transition Careers will gather the necessary security information so you can gain access to the event (two representative maximum per exhibitor).

Exhibitors are provided a display space with 1 table (minimum 5′ x 2.5′). The space in front of the table is available for standing or sitting demonstrations only. No equipment is allowed in front of or next to the table.

The majority of the events have no power or internet access. Some events depending on the location may have power outlets or wireless internet access. Contact Transition Careers about a specific event.

Yes. Exhibitors receive a URL, Username and Password to a boolean, key-word searchable resume database from the event you participated at within 7-10 days after the career fair. This feature is in addition to the 30 day free resume access and 5 free job postings we give to exhibitors on our national job board.  Exhibitor will receive a coupon code to utilize our national job board for 30 days free.

If you are only interested in purchasing resumes from a past career fair please contact [email protected].

If you are only interested in using our national job board, you can purchase resume access and/or job postings. Click here to go to Job Board. In less than 10 minutes, you can create a FREE recruiter account on the Transition Careers Job Board, which is networked with 1000+ other job boards and allows you to search and view a targeted set of job seekers resumes at no charge. You can quickly see each candidate’s security clearance status and type of polygraph along with the work experience. Our job board is set-up as a “Pay-Per-Use Resume Bank.” You can browse all of our anonymous resumes, before you pay a cent. You will see everything on the resumes, except for the candidate’s name and contact information. You have the opportunity to contact job seekers of interest through the job board and you only pay if the candidate is also interested in you.

We offer various sponsorship opportunities that can enhance your exposure and branding at our career fairs, including email blasts and ads in the exhibitor directory, among many more. During the exhibitor registration process, you have the ability to select various package offerings depending on what you would like. We are always open to new ideas for sponsorships. Contact Transition Careers about a specific event.

Each exhibitor is provided with the essential equipment necessary to engage job seekers during the career fair.

    • Receive a copy of ALL COLLECTED RESUMES we receive at the event. This feature is in addition to resumes posted on Transition Careers national job board.
    • FREE ACCESS & COMMUNICATION  to job seekers on the Transition Careers national job board for 30 days.
    • 5 FREE JOB POSTINGS on the Transition Careers national job board for 30 days.
    • FACE-TO-FACE communication with job seekers.
    • Coordinated SECURITY ACCESS to the government facility for up to 2 representatives.
    • LISTING in the Event Directory for your Organization.
    • TABLE SPACE (6′ x 3′)  Tablecloth (if necessary) and 2 Chairs.
    • LIGHT LUNCH  provided for up to 2 representatives.

The career fairs are open to any job seeker (transitioning military, contractors, government civilians, academia and etc.) that have access to the event site. Transition Careers targets job seekers with security clearances and technical skills that include the following but not limited to; cyber security and communications/signal, satellite communications, information technology security, project management, software engineering, electrical engineering, scientists, systems administrators, homeland security, finance, acquisition/contracting, analysts, linguists, counter intelligence, human intelligence, intelligence specialists as well as Information Technology professionals. You should also take into consideration the demographic of the host site and tenants.

Transition Careers takes pride in producing quality career fairs. Our events are more focused and intimate compared to other military or security clearance career fairs. You will be able to meet highly qualified and experienced job seekers, many of whom have federal security clearances, from strategic military, intelligence and government locations around the world. Our career fairs typically get 100-200 job seekers. Some events may have more job seekers attend depending on the population size of the military installation, how many days the event lasts and if the career fair is part of a conference.

We advertise and promote the event to all personnel at the military installation or government site where the event is taking place through the following means.

  • Flyer distribution through internal mail systems at the base.
  • Submit event notice to the base Public Affairs Office/Newspaper
  • Coordinate base-wide emails to notify all personnel at the site about the event.
  • Emails to job seekers in our database, job board and social media accounts.
  • Publicize event to local Transition Assistance Programs, Veteran Organizations and Military Associations